Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Sharpest soup ever!

I didn't think about the benefits or healthiness of this meal before I prepare it. But this one turned into really appetizing yet burst of sharp energy and awakeness. Great surprise hit my head on the way to yoga class (frendliest ever best so far, check neffy's out) and put me to bto every pose with unpredictable power. I can even say the early evening lights if the city, was bright and colorful as you might only see when u r on shrooms or smthing, i guess it might be the odd amiunt of things in this soup. Ok here we go;

~400gr pistachios
2/3 pack of organic spinach bag from trsco, not sure about tbe grams
Half of organic broccoli, not more than a pint
Handful of curly green organic mother fuckng kale

Part broc into pieces and start boiling them, in whatever u have
After couple of minutes put kales, put a lit and lower the heat to minimum, cook for shirt time, maybe  a 7-8 mins. Maybe shorter things must kept half uncooked.
Remove from the heat, put all the spinach, add damn good pink salt and some freshly ground best black pepper ever it while eating half of the pistachios. Yes you need to eat half of it ehile cooking the soup. Then put the half of the remaining half into soup liquid and blend the shit with hand blender. Do not put any oil nor fat in it as it will ruin the fun of easiness of being total fat free.

After good blend, drink a bowl. Then if u are lucky that will hit the spot or u just couldn't make it, you little prick.

Ps: before getting high I also indulged a slice of better thsn sex good badass banana choco wet cake so it probably...