Thursday, 29 December 2016

Easy but healthy yet tasty lunch

Get some organic spinach. Boil a cup of water, put a handful spinach in it, wait ten seconds, remove them, make another bunch, mix with cold pressed olive oil, rock salt, black pepper then grind a little white truffle. Mix and eat.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Roasted aubergine salad NO #2

1 small organic aubergine
1 tiny white summer truffle*
1 good big fresh porcini mushroom
Good quality cold press olive oil
Salt and black pepper

Chop porcini in equal sized pieces as small as your tip of pinky. Heat the saucepan over medium heat and sauté pieces. When they get soften add salt, pepper and olive oil, mix then remove from the heat. Roast the aubergine well on char grill or stove top. Peel the skin, remove the extensive juice. Put clean interior in a bowl. Add mushroom saute form the pan, mix. Grate the tiny but mighty truffle into mix, serve with slices of toasted organic sourdough olive loaf.

* if you cannot find white truffles you can use truffle butter, ready to use sauce with real truffles or at least truffle oil, but usually oils only contain artificial aromas and prevent you to access the real deal of noble subtle tastes of white truffles.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Roasted aubergine salad NO #1

1 big organic aubergine
1 good organic pomodoro
Two shots light organic soya sauce
One table spoon sesame seeds
One big old organic garlic clove
Black pepper

Roast the aubergine well on chargrill or stovetop. Peel the skin, care the juice and don't waste it. Put clean interior with juice in a bowl. Poor soya sauce and add sesame seeds. Mix with a knife so it will become more mushy with new aromas. Add  evenly and roughly chopped garlic glove, mix with the knife again. Peel the pomodoro, chop it on a plate and add it with the juice. Mix with fork and mash a little. Add good amount of freshly ground black pepper. Seal the bowl and keep it in fridge at least for one hour. Serve in room temperature.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

There is a colourful parrot, deviating at the edge of waterfall, which makes icy, stealth background with shades from sky. Bird flips backward down into the void, slides on the surface of falling drips. After free falling for a little while, opens its wings, escalates into air. A gentle slope draws a lovely curve to top of the hill, where it perches and cycles this playful dance. Sometimes it's blue, but can be seen in yellow and red too. The game it plays is such adorable enjoyment for me. Wanting to get closer, going, climbing, passing rocks and bushes on a thinest paths, climbing again. Yup, nearly there, it sees me... Okay. I am at the peak now, seeing its belly, inviting beauty of feathers, a white pillow you can surely sleep like babies if you put your head on. It keeps playing. Cooling itself by the wetness of cold water of the mountain in this not annoyingly hot but hot enough to make you lazy and frivolous hot summer day. Watching it is absolute epicurean pleasure. It looks at me, another curve, keeps watching me, one more.
We are together under shades of waterfall, on a small plane of rock. Both of us affectioned by each other. It pushing its head under my arm, hugging, its nib reaching  and kisses my chin. Ever changing colours and shapes, now sharp prussian blue and a tiny beak with big black eyes, looking at me.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

In the flat I listen to a beach story
it tells a thing heard since childhood
a story now common
the kind of words which make you believe this will be love


A beach story blended with sand and water
in a shell, the sails of a boat
swaying on the edge of the sun
taking away, who knows, our illusions born out of the day before
too often, I’ve been wrecked at sea for not having been able to say
when I should have, with new words,
the sea I was offering to you, for your journeys

I know waves who slowly roll
weaving algae, wind driven by clouds,
who play the color and paint the music
orchestrating the flowers of an aquatic casino
I give you the ocean
so you can remember
the runs in the wind
we used to do together
hoping for love
to be offshore

A beach story blended with sand and water
in a shell, the sails of a boat
swaying on the edge of the sun


Surprisingly art and beach histories are not so far apart
irritation, caress
an art history in the making… some rubbings
in a film,
by Carolee Schneemann

she decided to make love, to him
they’re filmed on a west-coast beach
it feels good
it’s not sex for the camera
they decided to do it
it will be a story of caress
waves on the sand
Her ass on it
Him on her
actually her on him

They do fuck
they’re not unhappy

If I know that
it’s not because I was there
it’s because I’ve seen the film
besides making love to him on beach
She makes the film

Carol, at home
on a video tape
She makes
She makes the film
She scratches everything
She works
She scratches the video tape of her sexual relationship
and then there is the cat
as an intrusion
and them, having sex, are caught in that triangle
the woman
the man
and the cat
an intimacy
at home
She fondles him

Tonight, back at the flat, I watched the film,
and there, naked, I can’t make the difference between him touching her pussy and her touching her cat

Georgia René-Worms