Sunday, 3 July 2016

There is a colourful parrot, deviating at the edge of waterfall, which makes icy, stealth background with shades from sky. Bird flips backward down into the void, slides on the surface of falling drips. After free falling for a little while, opens its wings, escalates into air. A gentle slope draws a lovely curve to top of the hill, where it perches and cycles this playful dance. Sometimes it's blue, but can be seen in yellow and red too. The game it plays is such adorable enjoyment for me. Wanting to get closer, going, climbing, passing rocks and bushes on a thinest paths, climbing again. Yup, nearly there, it sees me... Okay. I am at the peak now, seeing its belly, inviting beauty of feathers, a white pillow you can surely sleep like babies if you put your head on. It keeps playing. Cooling itself by the wetness of cold water of the mountain in this not annoyingly hot but hot enough to make you lazy and frivolous hot summer day. Watching it is absolute epicurean pleasure. It looks at me, another curve, keeps watching me, one more.
We are together under shades of waterfall, on a small plane of rock. Both of us affectioned by each other. It pushing its head under my arm, hugging, its nib reaching  and kisses my chin. Ever changing colours and shapes, now sharp prussian blue and a tiny beak with big black eyes, looking at me.