Saturday, 25 October 2014

At the station

Here we go again.

Woke up around 4 am from a silly nightmare. Better than yesterday's cluster headache morning. I was in a fictional train station in Zurich. I was there because travelled there with the most sneaky person I have ever met. But no idea why I have travelled with that lowest of the all lows. Why I didn't let him to go alone. Because I haven't been in Zurich and wanted to see it, I guess. However, of course trouble would find me there, as all in nightmares.

When he left for his train to nowhere, I decided to go back to London?!? Wait, why? What happened to will to see Zurich, nobody knows. There wasn't ticket machine so went to ticket office. First wanted to speak German, builded up few sentences in my mind but realised that I cannot continue if any unpredictable thing happen. There was a queue there, but I didn't wait too long. When I was in front of the window few little arab girls were annoyingly leaning against me. People were giggling and the cashier wasn't. I have looked my around, there were 5 or six little kids, fully covered in black garments. Turned back to window and said 'Hello, a ticket to London please.' while little arabs squeezing me. Then cashier gave my ticket, I have asked the price and he said 'it is paid' by pointing a little arab girl just next me. I have thanked then kindly rejected that nonsense act and asked again for the price, which costs an arm and leg. If I knew the price I would go with the prepaid one. Then another officer called me from next window. I were in need of new photos for my passport he explained. I didn't questianed myself and accepted. After a while I realised that I have been absolutely unrelated place, in a queue for a coffee or something like that. Saw the ticket office away, was not so far so leaved the queue to get back my ticket and passport.

Well, I believe my brain just wanted a classic one, so I have missed most recent train 'cause I was waiting at the wrong side of the platform, didn't mind and went to the right but empty one. While waiting thought I should check my passport and the details, then saw the photo on the pass wan't mine, and there were many little photos too. Portraits, bodies, naked bodies, black & whites, polaroids, etc. They were disturbing photos, uncomfortable poses of models, then I woke up.